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XConfessions Vol. 14

Erika Lust

$ 20.95

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Year: 2018
Directed by: Erika Lust, Black Rabbit, Montiel, Karis, Bruce LaBruce
Subtitles: Spanish, English, French, German
Original Language: English
Length: 1:53 h


We have another 5 year anniversary celebration gift for you! The XConfessions saga continues with volume number 14! This time featuring 6 brand new films, four of which are directed by exciting guest directors, carefully chosen and invited to the project by Erika Lust herself. Every story on this digital compilation is inspired by a confession submitted to Erika Lust's site, where anonymous members of the public submit their wildest and most personal sexual fantasies.

With 4 new guest directors and 6 brand new XConfessions short films, Volume 14 is full of surprises. It features sex with a complete stranger in a techno club filmed by Berlin resident Greta Isabella Conte, legendary gay porn director Bruce LaBruce returns to XConfessions with ‘Scotch Egg’ and a lot of black leather, KARIS debuts with a voyeuristic menage a trois called ‘Don’t Touch The Art Touch Me’ and Montiel brings us ‘Amateur Tapes’. Further, Erika Lust collaborated with the mysterious artist Apollonia Saintclair and directed an ode to erotic art with ‘Ink Is My Blood’. On top of that, Erika Lust herself will start contributing 2 movies for every volume from now on and to get the party started, she throws ‘Gender Bender’ into the ring, a beautifully shot black and white movie about the celebration of gender diversity.



I love XConfessions. It has helped me integrate my sexuality with the rest of my life in a really healthy way, and I feel I can enjoy porn without shame, in a way that expands my understanding of my sexual desires and imagination. Honestly, it's brilliant!

That said - and this is just personal taste - but I would prefer to watch porn that focused more on seduction. Sometimes the films very quickly get straight to the fucking, which is a little boring if I'm not invested in the dynamic between the people involved. For me, the far sexier part of the story is the interplay and interaction between the characters as they seduce each other, that builds to the actual sex.

Many thanks!


    The XConfessions keep getting better

    I have discovered this franchise about two years ago... and bought them all, with good reason - by now, I trust Erika enough to buy them without even looking at the titles and content.
    The XConfessions all consistently show very high quality in script and cinematography; the subjects are often unexpected; the locations are sometimes breathtaking and *always* fitting with the story; and obviously, Erika loves her actors and knows how to make them feel safe and free - and she will only invite directors with exactly those same standards into the series.
    Over the now 15 volumes, of course I have one or two really big favorites. So it's funny that I feel compelled and both logical that I feel the need to finally pay hommage to the franchise having looked through volume 14 without really having a big crush on any one title, but repeatedly feeling so very thankful for each and every film offers every quality I named above.

    There's a truly original idea, a real author behind every one short film; there's consistent outstanding performances (in every sense you want to take it) by all actors and actresses involved.
    The lighting, colours and framings are wonderful, the locations just feel right (sometimes more than right)... and so on.

    There is nothing like XConfession. These past times, I've grown to feel more sadness than excitement watching free online porn.
    XConfession has become my reference, not least because I know that those movies are produced with decency regarding the performers. It's professional, you don't have to worry about bad reasons the people are on display in a pornographic production. This allows me to enjoy the films way more.

    Thank you, Ms. Lust, for doing it your way.

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