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Erotic Books

Erotic books

Do you like erotic literature? Do you love reading fantasies and sexual stories? Here you can explore the erotic literature that will speed up your pulse and make your brow sweat! Let your imagination fly with this fantastic collection of books. We have novels and manuals, including the famous book "How to shoot sex", which you can download for free. Let yourself be surprised, and get instant access to the books written by Erika Lust herself. Discover the multiple talents of Erika Lust!

The Song of Nora, the first novel written by Erika Lust

The Song of Nora tells the story of a crazy 24-year-old girl who comes to have a good time in the city of Barcelona. There she meets two totally different guys that cause her to experience sex and love differently. Which one of them will she choose? If you like erotic novels, buy now this incredible novel of love, passion, sex and lust. Complete your collection of books with The Song of Nora, available in physical format at an unbeatable price.

Download the manual that explains how to shoot sex, for free!

Have you ever wondered how a porn movie is made? Do you want to make your own porn film? We have the solution! How to Shoot Sex, is a fantastic illustrated manual, where Erika Lust shares with you her techniques to make the porn movie that you have been dying to make. Now is your chance, either to explore some of your fantasies or to show the world the great Director that you are. Download the ebook on how to shoot sex completely free from Erika Lust's erotic boutique.

Desire Me as if you Hated Me, the taboo book by Erika Lust

With this book you can learn the techniques of pain and pleasure. Explore with your partner the secrets of Bondage with this magnificent manual in illustrated Spanish hardcover. Inside you will find techniques of submission and domination, role changes, and small doses of pain that will make you or your partner explode with pleasure. These techniques and many others, you can find in the book "Desire me as if you hated me". The manual that will teach you everything you need to know about BDSM.

Porn for Women

You can now download this great book for free! Porn for women explains everything you need to know about adult cinema. Erika Lust compares, with humor, the main characteristics that differentiate the porn we all know from feminist porn. As well as how different the sex we have can be with what we see through porn. You have no excuse not to have a good time reading "Porn for women", one of Erika Lust's most popular books.

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