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XConfessions Vol. 11

Erika Lust

$ 15.97

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Format: mp4
Year: 2017
Directed by: Erika Lust, Olympe de G., Carolina Wallace & Nuria Monferrer, Goodyn Green
Subtitles: Spanish, English, French, German
Original Language: English
Length: 01:49:00


Erika Lust's prolific, award-winning series is back with Volume 11! This time featuring 6 films, four of which are directed by female Guest Directors, but produced by Erika herself. Every story on this digital download is inspired by a confession submitted to Erika Lust's site, where anonymous members of the public submit their wildest and most personal sexual fantasies.

XC Vol. 11 features XC's first Trans performer in the orgy film "We Are the Fucking World" - a celebration of diversity, fluidity and exploration. Each performer chose to donate half of their fee to Amnesty International - and this amount was matched by Erika, raising a total of €5,000!

The collection also features stranger, lesbian sex in a Berlin club scene; a romance novel turns into reality for one lucky woman; and an homage to our sex organs from the ever talented Olympe de G.!

Featuring the films:

Don't Call Me a Dick
My Abduction Fantasy
Sex and Sensibility
The Toilet Line
Tie Me Up! A Shibari Documentary
We Are the Fucking World

Directors: Erika Lust, Olympe de G., Carolina Wallace & Nuria Monferrer, Goodyn Green

Cast: RoosterBishop Black, Heidi Switch, Ramon nomarKatanaParker MarxMonica Ox, Ze Royal, Jasko Fide, Eris Amber, Kali Sudhra, Manon Praline, Sadie Lune, Candy Flip, Finn Peaks, Peach Lowe, Theo Meow, Jesse Stryder


Leider die Erwartungen nicht erfüllt

Inhaltlich war es nicht so unser Film. Technisch ließen sich leider die deutschen Untertiteln nicht zuschalten.


    Varied scenes.

    Rated as 3 stars just because it wasn't to our tastes. I watched the short trailers and thought it would be ok but when we watched it the short films are very Indy and not what we wanted as a romantic couple looking for female friendly porn.





        Me ha encantado

        Hace poco que conocí la productora y la verdad es que se nota mucho la diferencia con respecto al "cine" adulto tradicional (el cual me producía repulsa cuando lo había intentado ver). En estas películas cada plano es precioso a nivel artístico y el papel de la mujer es muy positivo, así que gracias por hacer algo diferente, gracias por no rendirte.



          it's good movie



            Erika Lust is a Queen

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              XConfessions Vol. 11

              XConfessions Vol. 11

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