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Room 33

Erika Lust

$ 7.95

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Format: 16:9
Audio: stereo 2.0
Properties: mp4 in HD
File Size: 200 MB
Original Language: None
Length: 7 minutes


New to the Erika Lust Store due to popular demand! Enjoy this erotic short directed by Erika Lust as a sequel to the acclaimed Handcuffs. You can either stream the video for free, or own it as a digital file so it's always at your fingertips!

To celebrate it’s opening, Barcelona’s Camper Hotel invited six Spanish filmmakers to shoot a 7 minute film in the hotel over 24 hours. There was one condition – total freedom on the part of the director. Transforming this plush Spanish location into a dreamy Love Hotel, Room 33 is about the sexiness of travel, intimacy and complete strangers, and the allure of what happens behind closed doors.


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Room 33

Room 33

Enjoy this kinky sequel to the erotic short film, Handcuffs!

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