Liberté Sexuelle


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Format: MP4
Subtitles: English
Original Language: French
Length: 85 min

Product description

Award-winning French film director Ovidie returns with her latest explicit comedy! Once again, she challenges our concepts of love, desire and monogamy, setting the scene in a beautiful countryside chateau. Her trademark use of relatable characters, witty and heartfelt dialogue, and steamy sex scenes between multiple partners are sure to be a hit for couples and individuals who like a little intellectualism with their pleasure. 


Leonie-Marie is a presenter for "Love Confessions", a reality tv show. Driven by the need for ratings, Leonie-Marie documents some of the most cynical stories, often violating the privacy of the subjects. So when the opportunity arrives to enter a community practicing free love, she jumps at a chance to film what she sees as doomed menagerie of sex maniacs. But for once, Leonie-Marie´s story is not as simple as it seems, and proves to question her own sexuality more than her subjects´! Ovidie directs and stars in her outstanding third explicit feature, that again questions the fluidity of sexuality and the reasoning behind monogamy, which she has dubbed "a comedy of morals".

Director: Ovidie
Cast: Ovidie, Liza del Sierra, Sharon Lee, Francesco Malcom, Phil Holliday, Rick Angel, Rachel, Titof, Maria

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Liberté Sexuelle

Liberté Sexuelle

The award-winning French director Ovidie explores the nature of love and monogamy in this funny and sexy film

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