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Water Glide 70ml
by Viamax
16,00 €
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An excellent lubricant by Viamax that provides a natural water-based lubrication.

Lelo Massage Oil

By Lelo
35,90 €

A sensual massage oil from Lelo in three different...

Med Repair Glide 100ml

By Pjur Med
15,00 €

Repair Glide water-based lubricant by Pjur Med


By Mooncup
35,90 €

The revolutionary, reusable menstrual cup by Mooncup.

Soft Tampons

By JoyDivision
13,05 €

A revolution in hygiene and fun -now you can enjoy sex...

Relaxing Anal Glide 100ml

By Pjur Med
14,75 €

Long-lasting silicone and jojoba glide for comfortable...

Delicious Body Paint

By Shunga
17,90 €

Edible body paint in three different flavors by Shunga.

210th Massage Oil

By 210th
35,90 €

This irresistible Experience Massage Oil by 210th brings...

Play O Durex

By Durex
17,90 €

Achieve more intense orgasms with Play O Orgasmic Gel by...

Maximum Gel

By Viamax
33,45 €

This aphrodisiac intimate gel by Viamax helps boost male...

Sensitive Gel

By Viamax
29,90 €

Increase your sexual arousal and achieve mind-blowing...

Warm Cream

By Viamax
29,90 €

Warming, clitoral stimulating gel for increased...

Lelo Lube 150ml

By Lelo
24,90 €

The premium water-based lubricant by Lelo specially...

Lelo Lube 75ml

By Lelo
14,90 €

A premium water-based lubricant specially formulated to...

Flickering Touch Candle

By Lelo
34,90 €

Lightly scented wax melts into an exquisite pool of...

Massage Gel Set

By Shunga
29,90 €

>Body to Body Massage Gel Set by Shunga. Achieve new...

Tight Gel

By Viamax
26,25 €

Stimulating gel with astringent effect by Viamax.

Water Glide 70ml

By Viamax
16,00 €

An excellent lubricant by Viamax that provides a natural...

Silicone Glide 70ml

By Viamax
24,50 €

Silicone Glide provides a perfect, long-lasting lubrication.

G-Spot Pleasure Cream

By Shunga
35,90 €

Shunga Rain of Love G-Spot Arousal Cream for Her -achieve...

Clean & Play Wipes

By Love to Love
5,85 €

Antibacterial Cleaning Wipes for your sex toys!

Pack Intimate Lubes

By Bijoux Indiscrets
17,90 €

Five potions to add a little something to your most...

Exclusive Bondage Set

By Lelo
277,10 €

A set containing the very best in luxury bondage items.

Sensual Love Bath

By Shunga
26,25 €

Experience an erotic bath inspired by the sensual...

Afterglow Candle

By Jimmyjane
29,90 €

The luxurious Afterglow Massage Candle by Jimmyjane.

GLYDE Vegan condom

By Glyde
10,70 €

GLYDE condoms are the only truly vegan condoms certified...

Love Light

By Love Light
8,30 €


Ami Kegel Set

By Je Joue
59,00 €

Ami Kegel Weight Set -strengthen your PC muscle for...

Luna Noir Kegel Beads

By Lelo
44,90 €

Sleeker and seductive edition of Lelo's kegel beads.