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Ruby Cup Sterilizer

By Ruby Cup
9,15 €

The Ruby Sterilizer is fantastic for cleaning your Ruby...

Try my boyfriend - Tote bag

By Erika Lust
9,95 €

A one-of-a-kind tote bag featuring iconic phrases from my...

Try my boyfriend - T-shirt

By Erika Lust
11,85 €

T-shirt featuring iconic phrases from my project...

Wartenberg Wheel

By Fetish Fantasy
11,90 €

This stainless steel pinwheel delivers a tingly sensation...

Metal Cock Ring Pack

By Man bound
11,85 €

Choose from 3 rigid ring sizes for customised tightness...


By Touché
35,00 €

Touché is decorating your body, but with satisfaction...

String Body

By Maison Close
83,85 €

A touch flirtations and a touch naïve, fluster his heart...

Bodystring triangle

By Maison Close
126,00 €

Under a satin bower and provocative lace, hide the most...

Pony Wrist Cuffs

By Sian Hoffman
300,00 €

Serves it's purpose for endless possibilities of...

Mistress Harness

By Sian Hoffman
552,00 €

Evoking a sense of entrapment or arousing a powerful...

USB Nipple Clamp

By iSex
23,90 €

Enjoy with iSex!

Zado leather whip

71,95 €

 for a tighter level of fetish excitement!

Love is Art

By Liberator
71,85 €

Love is beautiful, love is abstract, love is art. 

GLYDE Vegan condom

By Glyde
10,70 €

GLYDE condoms are the only truly vegan condoms certified...

Love Light

By Love Light
8,30 €


XConfessions wrapping paper

By Erika Lust
6,90 €

The hottest touch for your special gifts!  

Fox Mask

By Cecilia Lundqvist
418,80 €

Awake your most primal instincts and feel like a wild...

Burlesque Feather Pasties

By Bijoux Indiscrets
23,90 €

Be a burlesque star with these elegant pasties tipped...

Afterglow Candle

By Jimmyjane
29,90 €

The luxurious Afterglow Massage Candle by Jimmyjane.

Cava Ménage à Trois

By Erika Lust
29,90 €

A trio of Spanish Cava by XCONFESSIONS & Maria Casanovas.

The Pegger

By Fetish Fantasy
35,95 €

Give your lover the satisfaction they crave with the...

Glitter Bolt Pasties

By Bijoux Indiscrets
13,05 €

Fabulous Flash Glitter Bolt Pasties: sexy pasties for...

Glitter Heart Pasties

By Bijoux Indiscrets
13,05 €

Fabulous Flash Glitter Heart Pasties: sexy pasties for...

Glitter Star Pasties

By Bijoux Indiscrets
13,05 €

Fabulous Flash Glitter Star Pasties: sexy pasties for...

Flickering Touch Candle

By Lelo
34,90 €

Lightly scented wax melts into an exquisite pool of...

Elegance Whip

By Whipcraft
659,85 €

The elegance whip for the sophisticated dominator

Marlene Love Pillow

By Margarita Bonita
311,90 €

Experience new heights of pleasure with this pillow...

Jailhousefuck bed

By Jail House Fuck Bed
2 159,95 €

The exclusive bed made especially for BDSM play